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I Will Never Let Me Down



A song that felt so right in our dark times that we decided to release it on the first day of the 21st Climate Conference. And so much has happened in the world since we started recording. Thousands of refugees meeting closed boarders. Whole families having to sleep outside and then having to walk yet another day only to be turned down by the next boarder. Terrorists trying to rule the world by fear. No wonder we feel angry, scared and distressed. This song is about holding on to your dreams and wishes no matter what. See through the fear and capture a glimpse of hope.


- Ingela Jansson

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The day my father left the flesh to enter something else. Something he during his whole life did not believe in, but in his last days he seemed do hold on to allthough he did not admit it. He got a small cross to wear around his neck and was very anxious to have it all the time. My father got a lot of extra time. The illness was merciless and slow. But he also held on. Afraid to let go. I wanted to release him. But how do you tell someone they can die now? I told him in my heart and in this song and somehow he heard me and he let go.


- Ingela Jansson

Produktion, mix och mastring

Produktion, mix och mastring

Omslag och foto: Ingela Jansson

Omslag och foto: Ingela Jansson

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Foto: Per Kristiansen


Uusi Atlantis | Det nya Atlantis




Orkestern navigerar träffsäkert mellan gråa vemodiga toner av olycklig kärlek, ensamhet och oförlösta liv. Det finns mycket av musikalisk berättarlust och suggestiva filmiskt skira passager.


Tonsättningen av den finske poeten Aaro Hellaakoskis dikt ”Tuhlaajat” visar vägen i vemodets marker. Det finska språkets melodi blir som ett instrument när de illustrerar ”när den fattige slösar sjunger himlen”.


Åsa Veghed, Dagens Nyheter 19 maj 2017